The star of your journey

A quality break to feel at home while tasting traditional local products and resume your day with new energy

“Stella del Tuo Viaggio” (the star of your journey) guides people who travel by road, leading them towards a warm and caring welcome to their expected and well-deserved destination: a quality break.

It’s time to enjoy the exclusive Sirio coffee blend or freshly baked croissants, to immerse yourself in the delicacies of breakfast or enjoy the preciousness of coffee waffles on milk froth.

To the products add the service, with colourful play areas for children and nursery areas for new mothers. And to the service, add the environmental responsibility, from the use of biodegradable work tools to the energy efficient and renewable energy solutions, and the purchase of environmentally friendly local products.

At Sirio we are proud to offer people a certainty: after taking a break at the “Stella del Tuo Viaggio”, they will continue on their journey to any destination with a smile.

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