Product Quality

Quality is the heart of Sirio’s mission and the foundation of its menu in every detail.

And the quality of its menu is guaranteed through the genuineness of the ingredients.   At Sirio’s points of sale, each dish gives value to the best local recipes and foods, to support local businesses and offer people the chance to experience unique flavours.

The acronyms PDO, DOC, DOCG, PGI and PAT mark most of the products selected by Sirio, from cold cuts to cheeses, from bread to yeasts, up to the first and second courses that act as the main dishes in the regional cuisines of our country.
For Sirio, quality also means offering eco-sustainable products from very short supply chains.  It also means to satisfy more specific tastes and needs, such as those of people suffering from coeliac disease or food intolerances.   And it’s even more: giving more freedom of choice, allowing people to customise different products at will.

Sirio is a safe way to go.

Sirio scrupulously observes the HACCP system and its food safety regulations.
To provide peace of mind to those people who choose Sirio, the Company is committed to constantly remain up to date in its food safety training and related competence, which is already solid and distinctive thanks to decades of experience in the hospital sector, where attention to food safety is paramount.

We review in detail the requirements for the structuring of an efficient food safety system and we identify the different types of risks (chemical, physical, biological) in order to develop an integrated management and prevention system.

To further guarantee the safety, health and comfort of the people who choose Sirio, all employees who work at the company are constantly trained and informed on food safety regulations.

Each point of sale is constantly monitored in real time on compliance and enforcement.

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